You Shouldn't Ignore These Vehicle Issues

Posted by Ted Knight  on March 8, 2023

We all know that keeping our vehicles maintained is important.  However, it can be easy to skip on necessary maintenance with how busy life can get!  No matter how chaotic things are, it’s extremely important to take care of your vehicle and never ignore any issues that come up.  Knight’s Towing is here to help drivers with all their towing needs, but also with information that can help you keep your car, truck, or van in great driving shape.

Skimping on car maintenance can leave you in an emergency situation where your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of all other drivers on the road is at stake.  Things as simple as tires with low tread greatly increase your risk of a flat tire or a tire blowout, and both can lead to accidents on the road.  Another important issue you should never ignore is bad breaks.  They are integral to driving whether you’re traveling hundreds of miles or just down the street.

If you’re leasing your car or are still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you risk voiding it by not keeping up with maintenance.  Routine oil changes and repairs of any issues are requirements for just about every vehicle’s warranty.  Skipping out on these things may result in your dealing with issues out of pocket down the line.  

Speaking of paying for things out of pocket, waiting too long to repair small issues usually results in bigger, far more expensive problems later on.  Skipping on things like oil changes can lead to irreparable engine damage, broken down cars, costly maintenance and part fees, and even rental fees while your vehicle is in the shop.

Major issues are sometimes unavoidable, but doing your best to care for your vehicle will help extend its lifespan and keep you safe on the road.  The most common causes of major car problems are bad driving habits, improperly inflated tires, neglected routine maintenance, inclement weather, and poor road conditions.  Do your best to drive carefully and safely and always take your car to the shop if you’re experiencing any problems.

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