What to Do If You're Caught in the Rain and Need to Call Roadside Assistance

Posted by Ted Knight  on July 27, 2022

No matter how experienced you might be as a driver, commuting in the rain always presents a degree of challenge. The rainfall can limit your visibility, and slippery roads can cause a collision. Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Should you require roadside assistance while traveling in the rain, you should take some added precautions. Take a moment and look them over. The life you save might just be your own. 

Maintain Distance and Speed 

If you have to pull over while driving in the rain, it’s recommended that you do so with caution. The most important thing is that you drive at a slower speed than normal and allow for a slightly larger amount of space between yourself and the other vehicles. Rainy conditions mean you don’t have as quick a reaction time, so giving yourself extra room will make all the difference. Once you’ve successfully pulled over, turn on your hazard lights. 


Maintaining. The level of visibility on the road is always critical. And in the rain, it’s what helps roadside assistance properly find you. Hazard flashers and headlights are recommended. While high beams are known for increased visibility, leaving them on when you’re pulled over can impair other drivers’ vision. 

Keep Your Hood Shut 

Even if you think you can diagnose the problem with your vehicle, it’s always a bad idea to pop your hood during the rain. If your engine is left unexposed during heavy rainfall, excessive water damage can likely result. Only open the hood when roadside assistance arrives, and when they do, only do so if they instruct you. 

Don’t Attempt to Start Your Engine if You’ve Driven Through Deep Water

If your car has hit a large body of water, the result might have been a hydroplane. Hydroplaning can result in collisions and might be why you’ve pulled your vehicle over. Call roadside assistance immediately. Attempting to turn the engine over can result in substantial damage to the piston rods and ignition system. 

Knight’s Towing 

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