Three Things to Do If You See a Tow Truck on the Side of the Road

Posted by Ted Knight  on August 30, 2022

You pass a lot of vehicles during your daily commute. Cars, SUVs, and pickups, but the ones that should always be revered and respected for their necessary function are tow trucks. While they’re essential to helping motorists out and allowing those who have been in accidents to get to safety, there’s a great deal of misinformation regarding their importance. Many drivers see them as mammoths that hinder traffic and are a pain to get stuck behind. Despite fulfilling a necessary function, many drivers are blissfully unaware of how vital they are. Here are three things to do if you see one on the road. 

Slow Down When You Pass By 

This is a measure that functions as a common courtesy and safety precaution. Being a tow truck driver is a precarious occupation, and slowing down when you pass one on the side of the road will allow the drivers to do their occupation while feeling safer due to outstretched courtesy. 

Change Lanes if Possible 

If you’re on the freeway, then there’s a possibility you’re already traveling at a minimum of 65 MPH on the right lane. If you notice a tow truck pulled over on the shoulder of the highway, change lanes if possible. Each year, there are a number of fatalities because someone didn't bother to change lanes when noticing someone pulled over. If you can’t change lanes, do the courteous thing and slow down. When you’ve slowed down and are approaching the tow truck, try to give them as much space as possible so they can do their job comfortably. 

Focus on the Road and Remain Calm  

A responsible driver is one who can adapt to his surroundings and react when the environment around them changes. While you might not pass a tow truck every day, if you see one during your commute, drive the same way you normally would. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and take the tie to give them the space they need to do their jobs properly. Courtesy costs nothing, and sharing the road with others is one of the first things you learn as a new driver. So practice it. 

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