The Importance of Tire Pressure

Posted by Ted Knight  on February 15, 2023

We’ve seen enough flat tires in our line of work to know that tire pressure plays a significant role in preventing them. While you can’t safeguard against every possible road calamity or blowout, you can improve your odds by keeping your tires inflated properly. Here are a few things you should know about the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

What is the Correct Tire Pressure?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to tire PSI. This depends on your vehicle type, whether the temperature is colder or warmer, and driving preferences.

While most tires will inflate to somewhere between 28 and 32 PSI, you should always consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Larger models, like SUVs and big trucks, will need higher PSI. It’s also important to inflate tires more during the winter in colder climates when traction difficulties occur more often. 

Why Does it Even Matter?

There are several important advantages to maintaining good tire pressure.

  • It has a significant impact on fuel economy. The U.S. Department of Energy claims you can boost your vehicle’s gas efficiency by as much as 3.3% with the right tire PSI.
  • You’ll feel and enjoy a much smoother ride. That’s because your vehicle has a mechanical harmony that depends on a balance between the tires, suspension, and so forth. Poorly inflated tires often have an adverse effect on shock absorption.
  • It’s also the best way to prevent tire damage, which helps limit the probability of a flat tire. Many of the blowouts we encounter could have been prevented if the tire pressure wasn’t too low. Many modern vehicles have dashboard indicators that will alert you to tire problems, so don’t ignore those important warning lights either.

Who Do You Call When Things Go Awry?

If all else fails, and you still experience a flat, don’t panic. It happens to the best of us, but it’s nice to know you can get roadside assistance even if you forgot to carry a spare tire (or a tire iron). Knight’s Towing can help anybody stranded with a flat tire or any other automotive mishap.

We’re the ones to call for towing and maintenance if you’re ever met with a tire problem, winch out, collision, or any other trouble. We have the equipment to tow almost any vehicle, including trucks, cars, SUVs, golf carts, and more.

So, if you need reliable emergency assistance, then call Knight’s Towing for prompt service. Contact us anytime to learn more at 941-284-9741.

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