Here is What You Should Do When You See a Stranded Motorist That Needs Help

Posted by Ted Knight  on September 12, 2022

Whether you’re traveling by car or motorcycle, there’s always a risk of something going wrong. No matter how confident we are in our vehicle there is still some chance of something acting up or breaking down. Just like there’s a risk of breaking down yourself, there’s also a possibility of running into someone that’s stranded on the road. If you’re ever in this situation here are 4 things to consider doing if you see a stranded motorist that may need your help. 

Assess the Situation

In any scenario, it's always best to assess the situation to see if 911 or a towing company should be called. There are cases where the accident will only require a police report to be filed if both vehicles can still function safely. Even if no one involved seems to be injured it's always a good idea to call the authorities. Emergency road services are another option that's always available to help stranded motorists. Calling any kind of help on behalf of the stranded person will be a great start. 

Check For Injuries 

If anyone involved in the accident appears to be injured 911 should be called right away so they can get treated as quickly as possible. Those involved in the accident may be in shock and might not think they need to be seen by a paramedic. As a witness, you can help by making sure that they're properly evaluated by the paramedic to be sure there's no internal bleeding or a concussion. If children were involved they should always be taken to a hospital to get a thorough evaluation. 

Stay Calm

When you’re involved in an accident or become stranded it’s a natural feeling to be nervous or shaken up. As a witness to an accident or anyone stranded the best way to help is to stay calm for them. If you’re anxious in the situation as well this can be a danger to the other person. If you can help the stranded motorist think clearly and take action this will be the most beneficial way to get them the proper help that they need. 

Call a Towing Company 

A towing company is another service that can provide help as soon as possible. As a witness, it's always a good idea to call a towing company to help fix the issue or tow the vehicle away. The experts can better assess the situation and decide if the issue is fixable on the road or if it needs to be seen at a repair shop. Calling the towing company will save the stranded motorist time and provide safety. 

If you're ever in a situation where you need to help a stranded motorist or if you're stranded yourself, give the experts at Knight's Towing a call. Your knight in shining armor is ready to help you at their location of 1410 18th Ave Drive East in Palmetto. Call us today at 941-284-9741 to receive immediate towing services!

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