Four Pieces of Information to Have Before Calling for Roadside Assistance

Posted by Ted Knight  on June 29, 2022

It’s no secret that life tends to be unpredictable and things can happen when you least suspect them to. Sometimes they occur when we’re behind the wheel, and this results in needing the services of a towing company. But before you reach for your smartphone to alleviate the current situation, there are a few items that you should have handy when you make that call. If you’re unsure of what these are, we’ve taken the time to list them. 


While might seem somewhat redundant, life doesn’t wait for you to be at a convenient and easily identifiable location before it causes a problem. Besides, when it comes to locating a person on the highway, there’s sometimes a significant lack of landmarks. Therefore, it’s important to check the GPS of your vehicle so you can pinpoint the exact location of where you are. Just in case you’re without the assistance of a GPS, your smartphone, or even a roadmap are your next best options. 

A Detailed Description of Your Vehicle 

Depending upon how heavy traffic is at any one time, providing the tow company with a vivid description of your vehicle will allow them to get to you much sooner. List important items such as make, model, and color, and if you’ve been in an accident, list any physical descriptions of damage that make the vehicle identifiable. With a vivid description and location, a tow vehicle will have no trouble locating you in a timely manner. 

Insurance Information

While many newer vehicles come with roadside assistance packages, the tow company will still need to know your insurance carrier to determine such items as payment and coverage. For example, some towing agencies like AAA will only grant you a certain number of tows per year.  

Address of the Mechanic 

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic is always the best place to have your car towed to in case of repair, or a dealership if you prefer. Knowing the physical address of their location will give the driver time to plan a route once your vehicle is secured and ready to tow. 

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