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Hauling Your Equipment without Hassle

Tried and Trusted Equipment Hauling Services in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL
Knight’s Towing offers reliable and affordable hauling services for oversized pieces of equipment. Our skilled professionals ensure that your equipment will be unharmed during transport. Let us show you how first-class hauling services work.

Equipment Hauling Services in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL

We determine the most efficient route

No one likes to wait longer than anticipated, which is why we look for all possible routes we can take and choose the best one to bring your equipment where it’s supposed to be, on time.

Knight’s Towing only uses top-of-the-line trailers that can haul any extra-long and extra-heavy equipment you may have. Our drivers guarantee you safe and quality hauling services.

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Heavy Duty Equipment Moving and Hauling

We have transparent and fair pricing

Overpricing is not new in hauling businesses. In fact, it has been too common, becoming the new norm. But here at Knight’s Towing, we provide transparent and fair pricing because we value honesty and want to give you a sense of security.

Pricing will depend on the size of your equipment, distance to be covered, and other services you may require. Rest assured that we offer the most affordable rates within Manatee County.

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