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Posted by Ted Knight  on June 15, 2022

With the more abundant availability of electric cars comes the need for roadside assistance. Truth be told, the technology is promising, but EV owners have to contend with breakdowns like everyone else. Knight’s Towing is here to help any driver who finds themselves stranded or in a bad spot.

Common EV Towing Concerns

Here are the common reasons you may require roadside assistance if you own an EV.

The EV Ran Out of Charge

This is the pressing concern that’s most specific to EV owners right now. Currently, there’s a lot of variation among battery types, and manufacturers are competing to produce the most durable and affordable options. In the meantime, if you’re a new EV driver, then it might take a while to get used to battery mileage. Mistakes happen, however, just like folks accidentally running out of gas on the road. If this happens, keep us in mind, so that we can rescue you from a jam. We’re more than happy to tow you to a charging location or back to your home.

Tesla Charging: We also want to let you know that Knight’s Towing has the capability to recharge Tesla models. If you drive one of these popular vehicles, we should be your go-to option when you need an emergency charge.

Flat Tires

Even with brand new tires, you can get a blowout from catching a nail or road debris the wrong way. It happens all the time on Florida highways. If this happens to you, and you forgot to carry a spare, don’t worry, we have your back. We’ll get you over to the tire shop in no time.


Who hasn’t had a frustrating breakdown at some point? Fortunately, the new EV models should reduce the chance of engine malfunction, but anything’s possible with automobiles. Regardless of what happens under the hood, you can count on us for roadside assistance; any time, day or night.

Car Accidents

This is the most terrifying and dangerous scenario on the list. Obviously, when you experience a serious accident, your first move should be to worry about safety and make sure everyone gets medical assistance if needed. Once you regain composure, feel free to call us to help you with a ride home or whatever you need.

Knight’s Towing offers emergency roadside service, automotive services, and specialty towing to the good folks in and around Palmetto, FL. If you find yourself in one of these quandaries, you know you can count on us for support. Our goal is to minimize the stress and aggravation when one of these problems occurs. Call us any time for 24-hour service at 941-284-9741.

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