There are few things more enjoyable than hitting the open road and having the freedom to go for a drive whenever the spirit moves you. One of the few things about life that’s certain is just how uncertain it is. That pesky flat tire, an overheated radiator, and a variety of unfortunate events can strike your car at any moment, and it’s usually at the most inopportune times. A service such as Knight’s Towing is much more than someone to call when you’re in a jam. There are other opportunities that a 24-hour towing service offers you in time of need. 


No matter how safely you drive, road accidents and mishaps are hard to avoid. Things can still go wrong despite your best efforts at driving. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and have the contact details of the best towing company in Bradenton on speed dial if such an incident arises.

You should thoroughly research to know the best towing company to call in case of emergencies. Because when the time comes, you might panic already and forget to ask the following questions:

What to Ask a Towing Company

What is your flat-rate fee?

Towing companies charge for their services differently; one can charge you higher than the other. Find out their flat rate and any additional fees that you may incur if you avail yourself of their service.

Do you accept my insurance?

Some towing companies may not accept your insurance, so it’s important to know this as early as possible. So that when you need to call them for a tow, you won’t worry about paying upfront.

Do you accept credit card payments?

You may not always have cash on hand in case you need a towing service. Or towing services may not be covered in your insurance plan. For these reasons, it is better to know that the towing company you will call accepts credit card payments.

Do you offer roadside assistance?

Is the towing company just a towing company? Or do they have roadside assistance that can help get you back on the road? Go for a towing company that offers roadside assistance as well.

How long does it take for the tow truck to arrive?

It’s good to know the estimated travel time of the towing vehicle to arrive in a particular location. This will give you a heads up and some peace of mind, especially if you get stranded in the night and you’re alone.

Once you’ve found the best towing company, make sure to recommend it to other drivers in your family so that you’ll be using the same towing company. Write their number on paper and place it in the glove box or, better yet, have it on speed dial on your mobile phones.

Tips for Choosing the Best Towing Company

Customer Service

You’re having a bad day already; why deal with a company with a bad attitude? When their executive is rude over the phone, their service won’t be good either. Therefore, look for a towing company with good customer service.

24/7 Service

Make sure the towing company you choose has 24/7 services. Imagine getting stranded at night only to know that your towing company has a schedule of 9 to 5. The best towing service has tow trucks available whenever you need them.


Compare quotes from different towing companies in your area. But take note that the one with the lowest price is not necessarily the best.

Company Reputation

You can check the towing company’s reputation online via reviews. Or you can ask your family or friends if they have experience with any of the towing services on your list. A positive record is what you should be looking for.

Licenses and Insurance

A good towing company is one with proper licenses and insurance. This will lessen problems and liabilities on your part.

Trust the Best Towing Company in Bradenton

Knight’s Towing is a dependable and certified towing company with over two decades of proven track record. Trust us that we can provide you with quick and affordable assistance wherever you are, 24/7.

So when you feel like something is wrong with your vehicle, pull over and reach out to us right away. Let our skilled and professional Knights save you from your stressful situation.

Towing companies are often called for car breakdowns, vehicular accidents, and illegal parking. When you find yourself in situations like these, stress and fear may get the best of you. Most drivers have not experienced calling towing services, which puts them in an uncertain situation. But knowing when to call a towing service is a must for any driver. Read on to learn this, as well as the qualities of the best towing company in Sarasota.

When to Call a Towing Service

These are some of the most common situations in which drivers might need a towing service:

  1. Flat tires – A flat tire is a typical problem drivers may deal with from time to time. It is never safe to keep driving with flat tires, so if you do not have a spare tire with you or you don’t know how to fix or replace a flat tire, call us immediately.
  2. Dead batteries – Your car’s battery will age, and it may die on you on any day. You can buy and install a new battery, and you’ll be back on the road in no time. However, it is not always the case. Your battery may die from other factors, like bad alternators. If you are unsure, contact us to help you determine the reason and fix it right away.
  3. Smoke coming from the hood – A smoking car is never a good thing. When this happens, check if something is leaking like oil or gas, but never try to resolve the issue by yourself. Call us, and we will immediately come to assess and address the situation.
  4. Getting stuck in a ditch or mud –  Not all towing companies will accept your request for help if you get stuck in a ditch. This is because not all of them have the right vehicles and tools to do the job. Fortunately, you can call Knight’s Towing for this service, as we have the suitable equipment to rescue you.

What to Expect from Sarasota’s Best Towing Company

First-class Customer Service

Excellent customer service is among the many factors that keep a company successful. At Knight’s Towing, we always put our customers first. Our team strives to turn our customers’ frowns upside down by giving an exceptional service the moment we answer their call. It’s never easy to deal with stressed and exhausted customers, but our skilled personnel will do our best to provide excellent support even while you wait for our team to arrive.

Certified Professional Staff

Failed towing operations are common in companies that hire inexperienced operators. Entrusting your vehicle to someone without enough knowledge in towing can be disastrous, so you need to look for a towing company that only has certified professionals. Our team consists of trained and certified professionals capable of handling and transporting your vehicle safely. Therefore, you will feel at ease knowing your car is in good hands.

Reliable 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Many towing companies in Sarasota offer round-the-clock towing services, but not all of them can provide reliable assistance. While you might be tempted to call the first towing service that appears on your search results, you have to consider factors that make up a reliable towing company in Sarasota.

Knight’s Towing is placed in a highly convenient area, which helps us respond to our customers quicker than other towing companies. We also offer a wide range of towing services and roadside assistance. Thus, you can rely on us for whatever vehicle issue you may be facing.

Top-of-the-line Equipment

To ensure the safety of your vehicles, we only use tow trucks, flatbeds, and other necessary towing equipment that are in their best state. No matter how short or long the travel distance is, and no matter how light or heavy your car, container, or equipment is, our skilled team always conducts truck inspections before and after each service to guarantee the safe transport of your vehicle or equipment.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

If you have never had any experience with towing services, you can be easily fooled by unreasonable prices. Roadside assistance can be expensive, but some towing companies exaggerate. We want you to feel secure when it comes to prices, that’s why we provide an honest breakdown of fees for our customers to know what they are paying for.

Trust the Best Towing Company in Sarasota

Knight’s Towing is a dependable towing company that can provide you quick and affordable assistance wherever you are. Like you, we only want the best for your vehicle. So keep our numbers ready whenever you need a helping hand because we will always be there for you.

When you feel like something is wrong with your vehicle, reach out to us right away, and let our skilled and professional Knights save you from your stressful situation.

Experiencing a car breakdown or road accident can be terrifying, which can make calling a wrecker service nerve-wracking especially if it’s your first time doing so. However, such situations can really happen, and they may even take place during the most inconvenient times. So if you find yourself in these stressful situations where wrecker services are your only option, it is best to be prepared so the towing company can rescue you quicker.

In this article, Knight’s Towing will outline for you the necessary information you need to note and the things you should expect when calling for a wrecker service.

What to Do Before Calling a Wrecker Service

1. Stay calm

Keeping yourself calm can help you make practical decisions and communicate with an operator clearly. In addition, you should remember that some wrecker services can take advantage of the situation, especially if you are obviously out of yourself. So maintain your composure and find a reliable wrecker service like Knight’s Towing.

2. Prioritize your safety

If your vehicle broke down in a safe place, you should just stay in your car and wait for help to arrive. But if the situation requires you to move away from your vehicle, turn the hazard lights on and stay in a safer place where you can still see your car.

3. Call your insurance company

Before calling a wrecker service, you should contact your insurance company to determine the coverage they provide. Some insurance providers have affiliated towing companies, so ask for their recommendations as well.

4. Take pictures of your vehicle

Pictures are excellent documentation that may come in handy in case anything wrong happens during towing. This way, you can smoothly transact with your insurance company and protect yourself from additional costs.

5. Prepare your vehicle

Don’t leave any valuables inside your car, even though most towing companies are trustworthy. Taking your essential items and documents with you is always a good idea. Once the tow truck arrives, double-check your vehicle before handing it over to the driver.

To know more about safety precautions while waiting for roadside assistance, read this article.

Things You Should Mention When Calling a Wrecker Service

1. Location

Your location is the first thing a towing company will need. However, if you are unfamiliar with your exact location, you must provide them with the best directions, including the landmarks and street signs that will help them reach you faster. You can also use your phone’s GPS if possible.

2. Vehicle’s Situation

When mentioning your car’s situation, it would be best to be as specific as possible. For example, whether you are stuck in a ditch or you have no idea what caused the breakdown, tell the towing company everything they need to know so they can bring the proper tools and equipment to help you. Moreover, you should tell them if you need immediate assistance, especially if your car is blocking traffic flow or stuck in an unsafe location. This way, they can rescue you as soon as possible.

3. Vehicle’s Make and Model

While most towing companies are well-equipped for a regular car, some vehicles require special tools for safety. Thus, telling the company your vehicle’s make and model can help them determine the best course of action. Additionally, it can help them identify the appropriate equipment to use with your vehicle’s drivetrain or drive system because it can be easily damaged with improper towing.

4. Destination

The towing company will need to know where you want to have your vehicle towed, so they can determine the costs you need to pay. You can have it brought to the nearest mechanic or your house. Nevertheless, some companies also have mechanics to fix your car on the spot.

5. Passenger Count

While you may consider riding your vehicle while it’s being towed, it is not only dangerous but illegal in some states, so it would be better to ride the towing truck or travel in a separate car. Nowadays, some wreckers come with a back seat for passengers, but the space is only limited. So, you need to inform the company about the number of passengers so they’ll know whether you can fit in their truck or not. If you need assistance with booking a ride, they may help you as well.

Bottom Line

Even though having to call a wrecker service may be an unpleasant experience, you can make it better by knowing what to do and providing the information needed, such as your location, your vehicle’s situation, your vehicle’s make and model, your destination, and your passenger count. This way, you can help the towing company get to you as soon as possible.

Do you need a dependable wrecker service? Knight’s Towing is always here to help. We are a full-service towing company that can tow and transport various types of vehicles. Get in touch with us for fast and reliable wrecker services in Palmetto, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas.

Roadside assistance is a service for motorists or car owners experiencing vehicle malfunctions, mechanical failures, or other difficulties that leave them stranded on the road. Vehicular problems can be utterly unpredictable. Your car may be in good condition, then the next thing you know, you’re stuck on the road with a failing engine or other issues. So, here are a few things to note on what to do while waiting for road assistance and how to choose a reliable service provider.

Safety Measures

Pull Over and Turn the Hazard Lights On

If you notice your car not working properly on your drive, it’s best to pull off the road. No matter how much in a hurry you are, you must ensure your safety by waiting for assistance. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights to help you alert the other drivers. This way, they will be aware of your situation. This will also help you avoid any other road accidents.

Wait Inside Your Car

Whether you experience a flat tire or your engine just won’t work, be sure to stay where you are and do not leave the scene. It is safer to wait for road assistance inside your car if you have a flat tire, faulty brakes, or a malfunctioning engine.

However, if you smell something wrong or there is a fire inside your car or in its engine, you must immediately get out and away for your safety. In any case, you must also notify other riders or bypassers to prevent accidents. Just be sure to be within the area while waiting for help.

Do Not Accept Help from Strangers

Whether you experience a flat tire or your engine just won’t work, be sure to stay where you are and do not leave the scene. It is safer to wait for road assistance inside your car if you have a flat tire, faulty brakes, or a malfunctioning engine.

Avoid accepting help from strangers, most importantly if you are in an unfamiliar area. You must stay aware and vigilant of your surroundings. If you are uncomfortable waiting outside your car, search for the nearest and safest store within your car’s location. Then, be sure to call a reliable service provider right away.

Check Your Warranty

You must check if you are still or already covered by your warranty. For example, you may be needing roadside assistance for a newly-purchased vehicle, which means your car is still under your manufacturer’s warranty, which covers your car repair and expenses.

Save Your Phone’s Battery

Do not use your phone to kill some time while waiting for roadside assistance. You may need it later on for contact or other purposes, so be sure to save your battery for emergency use.

Choosing a Reliable Roadside Service Provider

When you’re in a hurry to search for roadside assistance companies, you’ll most likely type in “roadside assistance near me” on your search engine. However, you must be careful to book a company that is reliable and quick. 

Another thing you should take note when choosing a roadside service provider is if they are licensed and insured. When you accept services from an unlicensed or uninsured company, you cannot guarantee whether they’ll work professionally or pay for any damage that may occur during their work. So, choose quality and trustworthy roadside assistance from licensed and insured companies like Knight’s Towing.

Observe the Service Provider

Once your chosen company has arrived, stay at the scene to conduct an observation of their services. Whatever you need help with on your vehicle, there are many precautions a roadside assistance provider must take, and you need to check if they are following these:

1. Did they take immediate action?

2. Are they working with complete equipment?

3. Do they operate safely and cautiously?

4. Did they accommodate you well?

Observations will help you see if you’ve picked the right company and if they’re doing their job right.

Knight’s Towing’s Roadside Assistance Services

When You’re in a Jam, We’ll Lend a Helping Hand! We do not want you to worry and panic because of car issues. That’s why Knight’s Towing is quick to respond to any type of vehicular problems.

So, before you experience any issues, be sure to save Knight’s Towing’s contact details on your phone. This way, we’ll be just a call away. Our numbers may come in handy most especially if you experience car lockouts, flat tires, battery or engine issues, and other malfunctions while you’re out on the road. Call Knight’s Towing for reliable and immediate roadside assistance!

Did you know that routine maintenance is the best way to help ensure that you get the performance and dependability, long life, and resale value that you have come to expect from your vehicle? As Benjamin Franklin states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” meaning that spend a little now on doing maintenance that can prevent major problems occurring in the future.
Maintaining your vehicle while it’s running smoothly goes a long way in preventing major repairs that may cost you more money in a few years. It also ensures that it will continue to function in its best condition. Here, Knight’s Towing shares the importance of regular car maintenance so that you can make the most out of your vehicle for a longer time.

Car Maintenance Services in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL

You should ask yourself, how long has it been since a mechanic checked my car? Some people often forget, but others consciously skip their car maintenance because they don’t have the time to sit and wait while their vehicle gets checked, or they believe that there’s nothing wrong with their car at all. Unfortunately, these instances are some of the most reasons cars fail to reach the manufacturer’s life expectancy.

Aside from having your vehicle checked regularly by experts, you must have a reliable car maintenance service provider to maintain your car. Knight’s Towing is a dependable towing and automotive company in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL, that can keep your vehicle on the road without any issues. You should always feel confident wherever you go, may it be for a long drive or a regular city drive. So, you should only trust the best car maintenance company in town.

You should ask yourself, how long has it been since a mechanic checked my car? Some people often forget, but others consciously skip their car maintenance because they don’t have the time to sit and wait while their vehicle gets checked, or they believe that there’s nothing wrong with their car at all. Unfortunately, these instances are some of the most reasons cars fail to reach the manufacturer’s life expectancy.

Aside from having your vehicle checked regularly by experts, you must have a reliable car maintenance service provider to maintain your car. Knight’s Towing is a dependable towing and automotive company in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL, that can keep your vehicle on the road without any issues. You should always feel confident wherever you go, may it be for a long drive or a regular city drive. So, you should only trust the best car maintenance company in town.

Important Things You Need to Know About Car Maintenance

  1. Take your vehicle manufacturer’s advised maintenance intervals seriously.

Vehicles always come with a manual containing everything about the car, including the recommended maintenance intervals. These vehicle manufacturers do not place manuals for you to ignore and do things your way. To keep your car in its optimal condition for a longer time, you should know how to take care of it properly. It would be better if you could follow your schedule religiously, but it’s understandable that you may be a few days or weeks late due to a busy schedule. Regardless, you must stick to the recommended schedule as much as possible to prevent repairs and major damages in the future.

  1. Don’t ignore your lit dashboard symbols.

During driving lessons, you’ll learn the cause of every symbol in a vehicle’s dashboard so that when it lights up, you have an idea of the current issue. Some lights, such as the windshield wiper fluid light, are not very serious. However, if your check engine lights up, you must have your car immediately checked by a professional. Unfortunately, most drivers do not sense the urgency of these issues until their car stops running. Ignoring your dashboard symbols will do you no good, so don’t make it a habit.

  1. Your driving habits affect your car maintenance.

Every driver has their unique driving style, but some of these styles or habits affect your car’s maintenance schedule. Some of these habits include aggressive braking and accelerating, cold starting, incremental fueling, and shifting from drive to reverse while your car is still moving. Unfortunately, if you’ve been doing this for so long without having your vehicle checked by a mechanic regularly, your vehicle might fail sooner than you might have expected

  1. Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance will save you money.

Having a mechanic check your vehicle regularly will help you spot minor issues that may cause further damage if not repaired immediately. You may not realize it, but the small fixes your mechanic makes are saving you tons of money, time, and stress in the future. They would also do preventative care for your vehicle to avoid certain issues from several factors, such as your driving environment and habits.

  1. Don’t wait until your car breaks down. 

One of the drivers’ most common mistakes is waiting until their vehicle stops working before calling a mechanic. Unfortunately, the smallest problems do not present themselves until they’re doing significant damage to your car. That’s why it’s crucial to catch them early on before it progresses to major damages that will cost you more money. While there’s never a guarantee that your car will be invulnerable to issues, you will likely experience vehicular problems less often.

Trust the Best Car Maintenance Company in Bradenton and Palmetto, Florida

Don’t let the maintenance go overlooked on your vehicle. If you don’t do it, it will cost thousands of dollars to fix your car’s problems. At Knight’s Towing, your safety on the road is our priority. So keep our numbers handy in case of emergencies because we will always be ready to help you. Allow us to be your knight in shining armor for your vehicle, and give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Everyone wants to drive a safe and well-maintained vehicle. However, a car breaking down on the road will happen when you least expect it, no matter how good you take care of your car. That’s why it’s essential to have the best Palmetto towing company already on speed dial in the event of a vehicular malfunction.

About sixty-nine million vehicles break down in America every year. And often, the cause is what you don’t expect. Here are the common reasons why your car breaks down:

Common Reasons for Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicular accident

If you’re caught in a vehicular accident, you better call a towing service, even if it’s a minor one. There could be damage to your car that is not visible, and continuing driving could make the damage worst.

You’re out of gas

There will be a time when the drive is too long,  and there are no gas stations within miles, or your fuel gauge is not working correctly. Then, when your car runs out of gas, it will surely stop in the middle of the road.

Your battery is dead

Unknowing to some, car batteries have a service life. But, eventually, it will die. That is why when purchasing your car battery, take note of the expected date when you need to buy a new one.

You have a flat tire

A flat tire can happen at a moment’s notice. When this happens, keep calm and move your vehicle to the side. Prolonged driving in a flat tire can severely damage your wheels.

Your engine overheated

Your engine overheating is a common problem, especially if your vehicle is sitting in heavy traffic in hot weather. Keep an eye on your temp gauge, coolant, and fan to ensure your coolant system is working correctly.

A Guide to Car Break Downs

Unfortunately, cars can and do break down, and you don’t want this to happen to you. But by, knowing what to do in this situation will help make the ordeal less strenuous.

Get to a Safe Place

Steer the vehicle to the shoulder if you’re driving and your car breaks down. If you’re in the middle of the road when you stall, try if you can push the car to the shoulder. If it isn’t possible to move the vehicle off the road, at least get yourself out of the way and onto a safe place.

Put Your Hazards On

Next is to put your hazard lights on. Having hazards lights on will show other vehicles that your car has a problem and should steer clear from your lane.

Don’t Fix the Problem Yourself

If you think you can fix the problem, don’t. This action can put you in danger, especially if your car breaks down at night. But, on the other hand, it can save you money by having it towed and checking on the problem in a safer place like your home than making it worse and taking it to a local garage shop.

Call for Assistance

If you’re a member of a breakdown service, you can call them for assistance. However, they may not be available to help you, especially at the wee hours of the night. Calling your reliable tow service company will be better.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance provider if you have roadside assistance coverage in your plan. Charges for towing can be expensive, so it’s wise to add this to your policy.

Stay Calm And Trust The Best Palmetto Towing Company

Among all the things discussed, the most important is to stay calm and keep your head clear. Panicking will not help and can lead to injuries. Follow this guide, and you’ll be safe. If you need help, call the best Palmetto towing company, Knight’s Towing. Give us a call and let our trustworthy Knights save you from your stressful situation.

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