There’s a good chance that you’ve seen a flatbed tow truck during your various travels. Perhaps there’s a good chance that you’ve also seen one towing a car to an undisclosed location. These are used by towing companies, especially Knight’s Towing right here in Palmetto, FL. But what type of situation warrants their usage? Well, today, we’re going to explore a couple of them in hopes that we can give you a better understanding of why these are used from time to time. 

A Long Distance Tow 

If someone’s planning to move out of state or is several miles away from a facility that can repair their vehicle, a flatbed tow truck will be used to transport the vehicle. This is a good way for the vehicle being towed not to have its wheels come into contact with the road, which results in wear and tear on the tread of the tires. 

Antique or Expensive Vehicles 

If someone has a vehicle that they either use for racing or display at locations such as car shows, a flatbed tow truck is usually the favored meth of transporting it. Show vehicles need to maintain their look, and a flatbed allows them to be transported without compromising it. 

Severe Damage 

It’s been remarked that the only good accident is one that you can walk away from. However, if your vehicle sustains damage that leaves it inoperable, such as severe damage to the axle and other parts of the drivetrain, a flatbed might be needed to transport it to a location for repair. 

Vehicles That Have been Lowered 

If a vehicle requires towing but has had some recent modifications, such as being lowered, then a flatbed is the only way to properly tow it. Traditional towing requires the front or rear wheels to be attached to a dolly and pulled. A lowered car can’t be towed in this fashion, so a flatbed is required to move it. 

Do You Need a Flatbed Tow Truck? 

Sometimes, a flatbed is the only way to move a vehicle that requires towing. And while they can be slightly more costly than traditional towing methods, many have attested to the security and peace of mind that comes from having their vehicle towed in this fashion. No matter what situation you find yourself in that requires towing, the experts at Knight’s Towing are here to help. We’re the warriors in shining armor who are always happy to come to your rescue. Give us a call at 941-284-9741 or fill out the form on this page.

We all know that keeping our vehicles maintained is important.  However, it can be easy to skip on necessary maintenance with how busy life can get!  No matter how chaotic things are, it’s extremely important to take care of your vehicle and never ignore any issues that come up.  Knight’s Towing is here to help drivers with all their towing needs, but also with information that can help you keep your car, truck, or van in great driving shape.


Life is full of unpredictable events that can hinder the experience of having a normal and productive day. Among these includes having your vehicle experiencing a collision or having a mechanical breakdown. Getting ahold of a towing service and having your vehicle taken to safety is of the utmost importance. However, many people get anxious and panic when they’re placed in a vulnerable state such as this. Today, we’ll be going over some basic self-help should a situation like this occur. 


With fuel prices continuing to be on the rise, many consumers have turned to the purchase of EVs (electric vehicles) to avoid multiple trips to the pump. And while these vehicles are excellent at helping drivers save some much-needed pennies, they operate in a very different way compared to diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles. Among the ways they’re different involves how they’re towed in the event of mechanical failure or an accident.


Accidents can and will happen. However, there’s a great feeling of relief when a tow truck shows up to transport your vehicle to a location where it can be serviced and made to run again. While this is all well and good, you might be concerned about getting home afterward. With your primary method of transportation out of commission for the time being, what do you do? With a towing service transporting your vehicle, you might be wondering about who will be transporting you.


Drivers often get towing and roadside assistance confused with one another, as it is easy to mix up the two terms. Knight’s Towing explains the differences so that you can get a clear understanding of each service.


There's no denying the fact that accidents will happen. And while most people are responsible adults who will exchange information and make sure everyone is ok afterward, hit-and-run accidents happen every year. While no accident is looked forward to, we'll be going over the basic information of what to do if you find yourself on the receiving end of one. 


If you are a classic-car enthusiast, you may have one or two vintage cars in your possession. Whether you're fixing up these cars or showing them in the next local classic car show, you may need to transport the vehicles. Here is why you need classic car towing for your vintage vehicle:


It's true--accidents can happen. And they happen more often than we'd like them to. All over the internet, you'll find no shortage of self-help guides on what to do when your vehicle breaks down. However, we're going to change up the typical formula today. Instead of telling you what you SHOULD do, we're going to go over what you should avoid doing. It's easy to go into panic mode, but following these guidelines will allow you to avoid considerable problems. 


Whether you’re traveling by car or motorcycle, there’s always a risk of something going wrong. No matter how confident we are in our vehicle there is still some chance of something acting up or breaking down. Just like there’s a risk of breaking down yourself, there’s also a possibility of running into someone that’s stranded on the road. If you’re ever in this situation here are 4 things to consider doing if you see a stranded motorist that may need your help. 

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