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Posted by Ted Knight  on April 12, 2022

Everyone wants to drive a safe and well-maintained vehicle. However, a car breaking down on the road will happen when you least expect it, no matter how good you take care of your car. That’s why it’s essential to have the best Palmetto towing company already on speed dial in the event of a vehicular malfunction.

About sixty-nine million vehicles break down in America every year. And often, the cause is what you don’t expect. Here are the common reasons why your car breaks down:

Common Reasons for Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicular accident

If you’re caught in a vehicular accident, you better call a towing service, even if it’s a minor one. There could be damage to your car that is not visible, and continuing driving could make the damage worst.

You’re out of gas

There will be a time when the drive is too long,  and there are no gas stations within miles, or your fuel gauge is not working correctly. Then, when your car runs out of gas, it will surely stop in the middle of the road.

Your battery is dead

Unknowing to some, car batteries have a service life. But, eventually, it will die. That is why when purchasing your car battery, take note of the expected date when you need to buy a new one.

You have a flat tire

A flat tire can happen at a moment’s notice. When this happens, keep calm and move your vehicle to the side. Prolonged driving in a flat tire can severely damage your wheels.

Your engine overheated

Your engine overheating is a common problem, especially if your vehicle is sitting in heavy traffic in hot weather. Keep an eye on your temp gauge, coolant, and fan to ensure your coolant system is working correctly.

A Guide to Car Break Downs

Unfortunately, cars can and do break down, and you don’t want this to happen to you. But by, knowing what to do in this situation will help make the ordeal less strenuous.

Get to a Safe Place

Steer the vehicle to the shoulder if you’re driving and your car breaks down. If you’re in the middle of the road when you stall, try if you can push the car to the shoulder. If it isn’t possible to move the vehicle off the road, at least get yourself out of the way and onto a safe place.

Put Your Hazards On

Next is to put your hazard lights on. Having hazards lights on will show other vehicles that your car has a problem and should steer clear from your lane.

Don’t Fix the Problem Yourself

If you think you can fix the problem, don’t. This action can put you in danger, especially if your car breaks down at night. But, on the other hand, it can save you money by having it towed and checking on the problem in a safer place like your home than making it worse and taking it to a local garage shop.

Call for Assistance

If you’re a member of a breakdown service, you can call them for assistance. However, they may not be available to help you, especially at the wee hours of the night. Calling your reliable tow service company will be better.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance provider if you have roadside assistance coverage in your plan. Charges for towing can be expensive, so it’s wise to add this to your policy.

Stay Calm And Trust The Best Palmetto Towing Company

Among all the things discussed, the most important is to stay calm and keep your head clear. Panicking will not help and can lead to injuries. Follow this guide, and you’ll be safe. If you need help, call the best Palmetto towing company, Knight’s Towing. Give us a call and let our trustworthy Knights save you from your stressful situation.

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