5 Things You Should Know When Calling A Wrecker Services

Posted by Ted Knight  on April 12, 2022

Experiencing a car breakdown or road accident can be terrifying, which can make calling a wrecker service nerve-wracking especially if it’s your first time doing so. However, such situations can really happen, and they may even take place during the most inconvenient times. So if you find yourself in these stressful situations where wrecker services are your only option, it is best to be prepared so the towing company can rescue you quicker.

In this article, Knight’s Towing will outline for you the necessary information you need to note and the things you should expect when calling for a wrecker service.

What to Do Before Calling a Wrecker Service

1. Stay calm

Keeping yourself calm can help you make practical decisions and communicate with an operator clearly. In addition, you should remember that some wrecker services can take advantage of the situation, especially if you are obviously out of yourself. So maintain your composure and find a reliable wrecker service like Knight’s Towing.

2. Prioritize your safety

If your vehicle broke down in a safe place, you should just stay in your car and wait for help to arrive. But if the situation requires you to move away from your vehicle, turn the hazard lights on and stay in a safer place where you can still see your car.

3. Call your insurance company

Before calling a wrecker service, you should contact your insurance company to determine the coverage they provide. Some insurance providers have affiliated towing companies, so ask for their recommendations as well.

4. Take pictures of your vehicle

Pictures are excellent documentation that may come in handy in case anything wrong happens during towing. This way, you can smoothly transact with your insurance company and protect yourself from additional costs.

5. Prepare your vehicle

Don’t leave any valuables inside your car, even though most towing companies are trustworthy. Taking your essential items and documents with you is always a good idea. Once the tow truck arrives, double-check your vehicle before handing it over to the driver.

To know more about safety precautions while waiting for roadside assistance, read this article.

Things You Should Mention When Calling a Wrecker Service

1. Location

Your location is the first thing a towing company will need. However, if you are unfamiliar with your exact location, you must provide them with the best directions, including the landmarks and street signs that will help them reach you faster. You can also use your phone’s GPS if possible.

2. Vehicle’s Situation

When mentioning your car’s situation, it would be best to be as specific as possible. For example, whether you are stuck in a ditch or you have no idea what caused the breakdown, tell the towing company everything they need to know so they can bring the proper tools and equipment to help you. Moreover, you should tell them if you need immediate assistance, especially if your car is blocking traffic flow or stuck in an unsafe location. This way, they can rescue you as soon as possible.

3. Vehicle’s Make and Model

While most towing companies are well-equipped for a regular car, some vehicles require special tools for safety. Thus, telling the company your vehicle’s make and model can help them determine the best course of action. Additionally, it can help them identify the appropriate equipment to use with your vehicle’s drivetrain or drive system because it can be easily damaged with improper towing.

4. Destination

The towing company will need to know where you want to have your vehicle towed, so they can determine the costs you need to pay. You can have it brought to the nearest mechanic or your house. Nevertheless, some companies also have mechanics to fix your car on the spot.

5. Passenger Count

While you may consider riding your vehicle while it’s being towed, it is not only dangerous but illegal in some states, so it would be better to ride the towing truck or travel in a separate car. Nowadays, some wreckers come with a back seat for passengers, but the space is only limited. So, you need to inform the company about the number of passengers so they’ll know whether you can fit in their truck or not. If you need assistance with booking a ride, they may help you as well.

Bottom Line

Even though having to call a wrecker service may be an unpleasant experience, you can make it better by knowing what to do and providing the information needed, such as your location, your vehicle’s situation, your vehicle’s make and model, your destination, and your passenger count. This way, you can help the towing company get to you as soon as possible.

Do you need a dependable wrecker service? Knight’s Towing is always here to help. We are a full-service towing company that can tow and transport various types of vehicles. Get in touch with us for fast and reliable wrecker services in Palmetto, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas.

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