4 Things to Watch For After a Break Down on the Road

Posted by Ted Knight  on May 15, 2023

What would you say are the four most dangerous impediments you might encounter if you were to break down on the side of the road? Well, leaving aside bears, alligators, and other remote possibilities, there are certain problems that happen often in these scenarios.

Frankly, it’s not entirely safe to get out of the car when you experience an automotive calamity. That’s why we encourage motorists to stay put and call us for help whenever there’s any doubt over safety and security. Here are the major threats you may face by exiting your vehicle after breaking down somewhere.

Passing Traffic

The worst thing you can do is panic (after, say, a flat tire), and bolt from the car without thinking about what you’re doing. There are a surprisingly high volume of tragedies that result from motorists leaving their cars and being struck by other cars throughout America every year. It’s reason enough to stay put and call for a towing service if necessary.

Trying to Fix Your Car with All That Traffic

This relates to the first problem, but things can get worse by exiting the vehicle even if you’re careful. Many folks break down, don’t get far enough off the road, and thus put themselves in danger by getting out and trying to change a tire or perform maintenance.

Fire Potential

This doesn’t happen as much as it did in the old days, but it is possible for your car’s engine to overheat and catch fire. If you’ve ever driven past a blazing car on the highway, this is a common culprit for that. This would be the one time you definitely want to get out of your car. Of course, you should always monitor your temperature gauge for higher than normal engine temps. Most of the time, that doesn’t happen with no prior indication.

Getting Out for Most Other Reasons

Again, this is generally a bad idea. There’s even the potential for getting out of your car in a shady neighborhood. None of us can control when, where, or how our vehicle will break down on us. So, almost by definition, we’re bound to find ourselves in dubious circumstances. 

Those are four solid reasons to get in touch with Knight’s Towing if you find yourself unable to operate your vehicle for any reason. It’s usually not worth it to play guessing games in these situations. Instead, always remain calm, assess the scenario while seated in your car, and don’t be afraid to call us for assistance.

You can now learn more about Knight’s Towing by checking out our FAQ section, where we explain certain aspects of our towing service. Our headquarters is in Palmetto, Florida, but we can help just about anybody in Florida when something goes wrong. Call us anytime to ask other questions at 941-284-9741.

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