We'll Be Your Knight
in Shining Armor

Trust Knight's Towing for professional tow Truck services
in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL

We'll Be Your Knight in Shining Armor

Trust Knight's Towing for professional
tow Truck services in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL

Providing Only The Highest Quality
of Towing & Moving Services In The Industry.

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What We Do

Towing and Roadside Assistance

Our experienced team of drivers is ready to show up at a moment’s notice to help you and your vehicle get back on the road. We can tow any vehicle and even transport heavy-duty equipment, such as tractors and large shipping containers up to 20 feet in size.


We offer 24-hour emergency service and promise to never leave you in a bind. We aren’t happy unless you are 100% satisfied with the job we do. We are available 365 days a year, and we vow to have the fastest response times in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL.

Find Hands-On Assistance When You Need It Most

We provide reliable towing services in Palmetto, FL

Since 2017, Knight’s Towing has been the company to rely on for local and long-distance towing services in Palmetto, FL and the surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art wreckers are strong enough to tow heavy-duty vehicles and machinery up to one ton. From private property towing to roadside assistance, we’re the company to rely on when you’re in need.

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Car Towing Service

We offer 24/7 towing services in Bradenton, FL

Nothing is more frustrating than a car breakdown in the middle of the highway – unless it’s the middle of the night and it’s raining because it’s Florida, of course. Fortunately, help is only one phone call away. Knight’s Towing Service is a full-service towing company in Bradenton and Palmetto, Florida that provides towing services and roadside assistance around the clock, seven days a week so you are never stranded and alone!

Flatbed Tow Truck Service

We have flatbed towing services for various situations

Flatbed towing trucks can transport vehicles on a flatbed, as their name implies. A car is pushed or driven onto this flat platform, where it is securely fastened in. This ensures that the vehicle’s wheels never contact the earth while being transported.


The most obvious example of a vehicle that requires flatbed towing services is a totaled car that cannot be moved by a dolly tow truck. Other examples are heavy trucks, as well as cars built low to the earth, which cannot be hauled in the traditional manner. Flatbed towing is also required for four-wheel-drive vehicles, as dolly hauling can harm the transmission.


Furthermore, flatbed towing is appropriate for cars even if they have not been involved in an accident. Owners of antique cars or other high-value automobiles may choose the relative safety of a flatbed truck, which assures that the vehicle is delivered without being damaged in the process. Finally, flatbed towing is safer for transporting cars over long distances because there is less wear and tear.

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Why Choose Us

Best Towing Service
in Bradenton & Palmetto, FL

We’ve gone a long way to earning the trust of thousands of customers. And here are a few reasons why people love us:

Professional Staff

We hire great professionals from our field and train them to become the best.

Quality Equipment

We only use the best flatbed tow trucks and wreckers to provide outstanding service.

Certified Drivers

Our employees get certified every year to meet the highest standards.

Fair Prices

You'll get the best prices for the quality of services we provide.

24/7 Availability

We'll adjust to your busy schedule and help you out during emergencies.

Best Service

Our service goes beyond towing. We'll make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

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What Customers Say About Us

From affordable and reliable towing services to custom 24-hour towing service solutions, we are always your White Knight!

Excellent service by Mr. Knight! He was punctual and very friendly. I will definitely be calling him again if needed.
Yolanda Mendoza
Wow, my experience with Ted at Knight's Mobile service was excellent. He provides quick quality service and is fair and polite. I had him check out (new vehicle purchase inspection) a local Sarasota truck at a used auto dealership, while I was 1500 miles away.

He put my nerves at ease dealing with the dealership I didn't trust. He gave a most detailed explanation of good and bad things about the vehicle, allowing me to feel comfortable with putting a large deposit down and booking a flight to pick it up. Knight’s is a good choice for mobile mechanic work.
Greg Lantz
I locked my keys and phone in my car at Wawa and asked a police officer to Google and call Nissan roadside assistance for me. They never gave us an ETA and he had to leave.

After waiting for 2 hours outside, I asked a Wawa employee if he could help me find another service and we found Knight’s Mobile Service and the really nice man said he would be there in 30 mins… He got to me within 20 mins and quickly unlocked the door 🙂 Super nice man and very quick!
Andrea Knips
My experience with this company was great! Ted was kind and helpful. Went above and beyond to replace my brake switch during off-hours.

Thanks for your help! Can’t tell you how appreciative I am.
Nina Fricke

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